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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

3 Benefits of Ancient Indian Butter Tea

HealthyAeon - 4:29 AM

by Healthy Holistic Living

You may have heard (or read) about the newest health craze sweeping the nation known as bullet proof coffee. If you don’t already know, here is a brief synopsis for you.

Coined in 2009 by blogger Dave Asprey, bullet proof coffee is simply coffee that adds butter for nutritional boost and caloric punch. His claim is that this combination can improve mental cognition and trigger weight loss through ketosis.

Sure, it is something worth considering for those who dabble in caffeine, but what about all the rest of us?

The fundamentals of a butter brew is a long standing tradition in both Tibet and India but instead of high stimulating coffee beans, they drink their butter with all-natural brewed teas.

Traditional butter tea begins by simmering compressed pu-erh tea in water for several hours to produce a dark fermented tea that has a very earthy flavor. This tea is then churned with yak butter and occasionally yak milk to form a creamy and frothy tea which I like to think was the inspiration for the bullet proof coffee trend.

In Tibet, this tea is treated as a food and the caloric and micronutrient value can provide much needed sustenance against the harsh elements of the region. Natives of the area are known to drink up to 50 cups of this bitter brew throughout a day to maintain energy.

Having said that, my version of this recipe is slightly tweaked to my own taste buds, but still contains similar health benefits.

Use these ingredients as the basis for your own butter tea recipe and you are sure to see a boost in your mind, body, and spirit:
  • Puehr Tea
  • Spices (I like the classic masala flavors of ginger, black pepper, clove, cardamom and fennel
  • Grass fed ghee-butter
  • MCT oil and milk
  • Raw Honey
  • Simply steep your mix of spices for up to 20 minutes in a pot of boiling water
  • Remove from heat and strain your tea.
  • Add ghee and milk to a pot and reintegrate your strained tea.
  • Blend with a handheld frother or you can whisk by hand.
  • Add raw honey for taste.
3 health benefits of butter teas such as this include:
  • Grass fed ghee-butter is rich in linoleic acid, vitamin A, and vitamin K which are all essential for bone, heart, and reproductive health.
  • Ginger and black pepper are both antibacterial and have known antioxidants which can help flush the body of free radicals and minimize rapid cell death.
  • Puehr tea is able to raise good cholesterol while lowering bad and is also a powerful antimicrobial.

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