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Friday, December 5, 2014


The Extraordinary Health Benefits of Mulberries

HealthyAeon - 2:13 AM

by Healthy Holistic Living

Blueberries…strawberries…raspberries…mulberries? Yes! Mulberries. I know they may not be on your grocery list, but if the nutritional value of mulberries doesn’t change that, I don’t know what will!

Mulberry trees grow all over the United States and kind of look like a mix between a blackberry and raspberry… but they’re not! Mulberries are natural, healthy, and deliciously unique!

Do you want to add another healthy berry to your diet?

Let’s find out why your answer should be YES!

Little Berry Wonder: Benefits of Mulberries

1. Provides fiber
You may think of foods with high fiber as boring and dull, but 1/3 cup of mulberries actually contains 20% of your recommended daily fiber intake.

We all know the biggest benefit of fiber…staying regular and avoiding constipation, but fiber can also lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels. Fiber is also essential in maintaining a healthy weight!

2. Aids in cancer prevention
Mulberries contain high levels of resveratrol, which can hinder the growth and spreading of carcinogens and cancer stem cells in your body.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean mulberries can cure cancer, it just means that they have properties that help inhibit cancer growth and (don’t forget) aid in prevention!

3. Source of protein
These little berries are one of the only fruits that contain high levels of protein! Protein is essential when it comes to having a healthy, functioning body because protein helps create enzymes and antibodies.

Without enzymes you could not break down the nutrients that your food provides and without antibodies you would not have a strong immune system!

4. Reduces inflammation
Mulberries have the ability to reduce uric acid production in your body, which is one of the contributing factors of inflammation and joint pain.

Do you suffer from muscle pain, gout or arthritis? Mulberries could be an important addition to your diet! What if this little berry was the difference between having a pain filled day and a great day?

5. Helps with Alzheimer’s disease
Mulberries contain properties that can protect the brain from diseases like Alzheimer’s, if eaten regularly.

On that note, mulberries can also improve memory function in all people! There is a property called choline in mulberries, which is like power for your brain! Eating these berries can enhance your memory… so next time it’s your aunt’s birthday you might remember to give her a call!

Each berry has their own claim to fame, but it’s pretty clear the mulberries have been hugely neglected! I can’t believe mulberries aren’t as popular as other berries yet. They’re tart, sweet, succulent berries that not only add a rich flavor to meals but also make for a great rich coloring when you’re baking!

An extra tip for you is; eating mulberries can help prevent you from getting sick or feeling uncomfortable aches and pains, so having them in your diet before you feel sick or in pain is so important! Why would you waste time trying to heal yourself when you could possibly avoid getting sick or unhealthy altogether?

Next time you’re getting groceries keep this list in mind! Who knows, maybe mulberries will be your new favorite snack!

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