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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Healing Yourself through Breath

Team - 12:50 AM

by Lisa Shaw

Breath gives us life. In Sanskrit, that life force prana, is considered the equivalent of “chi” energy or the “ki” in Reiki .. It is the breath of life that permeates our entire being and moves up the spine touching and vitalizing each chakra, healing by its very nature. Various systems concentrate on the breath as a healing agent, from yogic breathing to holotropic breath work (rebirthing) to the science of LaMaze childbirth or rebirthing, which uses a series of uninterrupted breaths to pitch one into an altered state of consciousness which facilitates release.

These modalities, potent as they are, require a master, therapist, or coach to guide you into the healing consciousness, but you can train yourself to tap into your own healing power by simply breathing with intention. You might want to record yourself reading the guided meditation with relaxing music playing in the background to keep your focus uninterrupted.

If you are disciplined, you can silently read along and follow the prompts line by line. Sit comfortably and be aware of all the sensations in your body, where you feel tightness, tension, where you feel heavy. Then take a deep breath through your nose and hold it as long as you can. Release. Notice how you inhaled. Did you feel yourself move upward or pull the breath into your shoulders? If you did, you are actually creating more physical stress, contracting your muscles.

Inhale again, but direct the air to move into our middle chakras so your belly expands outward like a balloon. Watch yourself fill up with the breath of life. Then slowly, through parted lips, release the breath, and notice how your body sinks into a pool of relaxation. Take these breaths 3 times, feeling yourself move deeper into that relaxed state with each exhale. Feel yourself become attuned to this slow, rhythmic breathing. When you inhale again, visualize your breath circulating throughout your entire body as you hold that breath. See every muscle, tendon, organ, cell illuminated by this breath. See it collect all the debris you have accumulated in your internal system. When you exhale, visualize all debris dissipating into the Universe, where it will be transmuted.

Sometimes releasing means opening what’s locked inside you. As you continue to breathe deeply, take note of which areas don’t readily illuminate or which areas seem to stall the breath as it moves through your body. Direct the breath to move through those areas until they are clear. Any dark spots will be vacuumed into each new breath and released with every exhale.. Take as many deep breaths as you need to see and feel an internal change. Notice the words, emotions, and experiences that emerge as you breathe and clear. Acknowledge them, even negative ones, and thank them for what they have taught you on your journey. As you exhale, let them go. Be open to your own emotional release as you heal this way.

Breathe with intention: Breathe in Light Exhale darkness Breathe in Love Exhale Anger Breathe in peace Exhale discord Inhale healing Breathe out discomfort Breathe in life Exhale dis-ease Breathe in abundance Breathe out lack Inhale compassion Exhale indifference You can write your own script, following this pattern. Write the script that speaks to you. Through this process, you may uncover a gift you have not yet accepted, a gift to share with others. What is yours? How are you emerging? Relax and enjoy the Light that you are. Carry the peace with you, knowing you can return to it at any instant just by consciously breathing.

About the Author
Rev. Lisa Shaw is an animal communicator, spiritual counselor, Reiki Master and professor specializing in end of life issues. Her e-book Illumination: Life Lessons from Our Animal Companions, is available as a FREE Kindle download on Amazon. Her web site is

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