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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Unlock The Door To Our Holographic Reality

HealthyAeon - 3:16 AM

RJ Spina
Waking Times

Dear Truth Seekers,

As we rapidly ascend and awaken the questioning of just what our reality is cannot be ignored. We all intuitively sense there is so much more hidden in plain sight if only we could just see it and understand it more fully. We could create the paradise we all know it can be. Let’s unlock the door together right now.

We must start with accepting that everything we hold dear, like our family, friends, pets, structures, our bodies and mind, political regimes, the flowers and the fish, all crumble and die. There is nothing that is not impermanent within this reality and we must accept that. There is no constant, only change. Change is the nature of our reality. You are not the same person you were before reading this, nor me writing it.

Without impermanence we could not create. We could not change suffering into joy. We would not be able to watch our son grow into a man, our daughter become a beautiful woman or our garden grow. Looking deeply at impermanence we can treasure everything more because we understand the transitory nature of all. Wanting things to be permanent when they are not is a cause of much suffering.

When we accept impermanence the door to our reality begins to open…

Impermanence leads us into nonself. You cannot have impermanence without nonself and vice versa. Nonself is the realization that we ARE what we perceive. Nothing has a separate existence or a separate self. This can be the hardest part for most of us to comprehend, so stay with me.

Our five senses cannot exist within a vacuum. There must be something to see, feel, smell, touch and taste in order for seeing, feeling, smelling, touching and tasting to exist. Without what we perceive to be separate or outside of ourself, we could not exist in our reality. There can be no subject without object, nor object without subject. We are the totality of our perceptions with neither barrier nor separateness, just a limitation of senses.

Let’s take it a little further using an analogy. My friends know that I love peanut butter cookies! I have a great recipe and I enjoy mixing all the ingredients to make the tasty batter. I place individual portions on the cookie sheet and place them in the oven. We know that that the cookies are all one. They came from one source, the batter, and they are all made from the same ingredients. But once ‘separated’ from the source, I can imagine that the cookies begin to argue amongst each other for position on the cookie sheet. Or that one dollop of batter is more round than another or darker than their neighbor. They have developed discriminative perception when in fact they are simply separately together.

We are just like the cookies, thinking we are separate, arguing with one another, jockeying for position, and comparing. We all originate from the same stream of life. There can be no other way. Nothing can be born from nothing. The One is in the All the All is in the One.

And what works exactly on that principle? A hologram.
“If you look at holograms from different angles, you see objects from different perspectives, just like you would if you were looking at a real object. Some holograms even appear to move as you walk past them and look at them from different angles. Others change colors or include views of completely different objects, depending on how you look at them.

Holograms have other surprising traits as well. If you cut one in half, each half contains whole views of the entire holographic image. The same is true if you cut out a small piece -­- even a tiny fragment will still contain the whole picture. On top of that, if you make a hologram of a magnifying glass, the holographic version will magnify the other objects in the hologram, just like a real one.” [Source]
There are some excellent books on this subject such as The Holographic Universe by the late Michael Talbot as well as some excellent interviews of him on Youtube.

Now the door to our Reality is open. Impermanence reveals that there is no constant, noself show us all that things are interconnected and need one another to exist, and the holographic nature of our reality demonstrates the whole is contained within the one.

Take that in for a moment. Reread it again if you need to. And when you are ready, let’s kick the door down to our reality and throw away the lock forever.

What is at the very foundation, the heart and the gentle embrace that holds, nourishes and facilitates our reality?

It is the substance of all there is. Nirvana. The ground of being and non-being. The world of no birth and no death. The complete silencing of all concepts and notions. When we look deeply at impermanence and nonself we touch Nirvana. We experience our Reality in a more satisfying and profound way.

Quiet your mind. Let go of all concepts and beliefs. Breathe. Open your heart. Be present in the moment. You are the lock and the key to our reality.


About the Author

RJ Spina – “I am a vegetarian/vegan, a meditator and an explorer of consciousness. I have always felt a deep connection to the non-physical world and as a child would tell my Mother the plans I made before being born into this life. My goals are simple: Continue to explore my consciousness, help raise the frequency and awareness of mankind and cultivate as much joy as possible. Reach out to me @

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  1. The brevity in this article provides a Definian (Hologram) of another descriptive definian which I fashioned from phonetic "notes" using Shu Mari an . Thehta (Theta) is itself a sentence ,construction, which contains in plain sight it's own statement of explanation . Among various viewpoints possible, the one I semantically chose to identify with is this:

    "During Time We will have many Houses many Times."...THETA
    " Times many Houses many times flow "..........THEHTA

    So, Karma and Reincarnation become simple Laws of physical existence? Or rather Existence(s) plural.
    The Definiendum (Ultimate Definition is use) can only at best describe this OVER ONE from our Holo perspective.
    since the One in all and All in One is not divided by our limited judgements which simply struggle to control an uncontrollable process. Many times in many ways attempts to define this have come and gone.

    The last 2600 years has somehow allowed images to represent sounds that were expressed as Biological
    frequencies or utterances first and thusly connected us with each other in a common bond. Quench a terrible thirst
    and the Body exhales a big relief as AH!! a (ah) represented water, flow, life . E the excited exclamation over shelter being found. Both something to Vow allegiance to El for.

    Theta , as we spell it, might better represent the reset buttons throughout the process as ATHEHTA .
    Read accurately either direction. ATHEHTA even visually supports the essence of Living Thoughts
    with a Surface or Living Skin as Oliver Wendell Homes Jr. referred to it as
    ."Words are the skin of living thoughts and they are changing constantly".