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Friday, November 7, 2014

3 Reasons To Come From The Heart

HealthyAeon - 12:16 AM

by Lexie
The Spirit Science

Coming from the heart is the passing of energy, the movement and flow of energy in equal exchange from one to the other. It is not limited to verbal communication but through action, thought and feeling.

It’s doing it because you want to see the joy in another. It is doing it because you genuinely care, and it is doing it to see another be lifted up high.

Below are the 3 biggest reasons why and how to come from your heart. After you’re done with these, you’ll probably be seeing the world in a whole new way.

Much Deeper Connected

To really say something from your heart is to be in a state of vulnerability. It is knowing that the other person won’t judge you for being you. It’s like a conscious meditation or channeling, you allow your true emotions to flow through you without the fear of being doubted.

If the person you’re engaging with really feels your truth, they will speak theirs back. It can open so many doors of comfort and exploration in relationships when you break down those barriers.

It is trusting everyone to be the most of themselves they possible can. It is pushing through the ego, letting down your defenses and really listening to one another.

When you’re in that higher vibration the scared feeling of being judged just doesn’t exist.

People can judge you all they want but when you are acting out of love, the only thing people are judging is what they lack in themselves.

You are an Inspiration to those around You

When people see you acting out of love, they will really feel it and will be compelled to do the same. If someone does something nice for you, and you know it wasn’t solely so they could feel good about themselves – but it was so you could feel good, you typically want to do it back.

The passing of energy in that genuine way is an inspiration to people. It’s the underlying passion that ignites relationships – the urge to manifest happiness in others. You become an inspiration to others but more importantly to yourself.

When you see the value in putting others first, you are simultaneously putting yourself first as well because in that instance of seeing someone happy – that energy will lift you up as well and it becomes an ebb and flow of positive energy.

You are filled with Confidence

When you’re transparent about how you feel and you really allow your loving energy to flow through you – you will have no self doubt. There’s no need to be scared of being judged or disliked when you know you are acting from a space of kindness.

When you feel you are doing your best to make people feel comfortable and safe, you know peoples response can’t affect you negatively. If you’re scared to say something in a conversation, be real with your emotions and let them flow through you.

If they come from a space of wanting to make the other person feel good – there’s no need to doubt what you say or be afraid of receiving a negative response. You will never be judged by someone who cares about you if you are in a vibration of authenticity.

If you are – you know you are coming from a space of caring, then that judgement or opinion is just that – an external thought that you don’t need to let effect you.

It becomes clear peoples responses have less to do with you and more to do with them. We are all reflections of each other - when you bring out the love in yourself, you bring it out in everyone.

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