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Thursday, October 9, 2014

12 Foolproof Tips for Raising your Vibrations

HealthyAeon - 8:51 PM

by Love or Above

What’s the big deal about vibrations? Every one of your thoughts and feelings has a measurable vibration. Simply, if your vibration is high, you attract the good things in life; if it’s low, you will attract struggles and sorrows.

It sounds easy enough, right? It’s like tuning your personal radio to the right channel. But, in reality it’s not easy because thoughts can become habits, and habits are hard to break. Practice these tips and you’ll gradually change your thoughts to be more positive and loving!

1. Become aware.

Most of the things you think and say – and act on – are unconscious. Any habit becomes unconscious. Remember how challenging it was to drive a car for the first few times? Every ounce of your attention had to be present, and fully focused on what you were doing. But once you mastered driving, you stopped thinking about it. Your brain had, very helpfully, created a habit of driving so that your conscious mind could be applied to more challenging tasks. It’s the same with your thoughts – anything you repeat consistently, will become a habit.

So step one to breaking a habit of negative and vibration-lowering throughs, emotions and actions is becoming more self-aware. Take note of the times you complain, or judge, or criticize, or blame others. Take note of the times you act unkindly toward yourself or others. Take note of the times you talk yourself out of doing something that is good for you in favor of the immediate gratification of a bad habit. Every one of these is a vibration-buster!

Once you are aware of a thought or behavior pattern, you can take steps to change it.

2. Take care of yourself.

Does it surprise you that excellent nutrition, exercise, good sleep and stress management are vibration-raising activities? It shouldn’t! You take care of yourself because you love yourself. You eat the best foods because you know that they nourish your body instead of stressing it out with processed foods full of toxic artificial ingredients. You exercise, because your body is designed to move and it simply functions at a higher level when you challenge yourself physically. You get enough sleep, and manage your stress so that you CAN sleep. Pay attention to your body’s signals: allergies, insomnia, hormonal fluctuations, any illness or disease, sexual dysfunction and other symptoms are signs that your vibration is low, due to environmental, emotional or mental toxins (yes – thoughts and emotions can be toxic!). If you eat something and two hours later you notice an adverse symptom, then that food is lowering your vibration. Stop eating it!

3. Cut way back or eliminate drug and alcohol use.

While it may seem like a great idea to unwind with a cocktail after work, these depressants lower your vibration.

4. Listen to music that makes you feel good.

Lyrics that speak of violence and hate and harsh, dissonant music will have an effect on your vibration.

5. Cut out the TV watching.

Limit your TV to educational shows, comedy, or anything that stimulates your intellectual curiosity. The news, drama, violence and the plethora of murder mysteries and police dramas do nothing for your vibration. To make matters worse, commercials make you feel that your life is worthless unless you use this product or eat that food… who needs that guilt?

6. Meditate.

Take a few minutes each day to DO nothing – to simply BE. You don’t have to sit in Lotus – you can meditate anytime, anywhere, by bringing your focus to your breath. If you meditate for one minute, great. It’s a minute of bliss that would otherwise be missing from your life (and those minutes add up in time, and multiply in effect).

7. Spend less time around low-vibrating people and more time around people who vibrate highly

Those who empower you, stimulate you, encourage you, teach you and support you.

8. Be kind, for no reason other than the joy of it

You can perform random acts of kindness, or step up the way you treat others – always with respect, with a smile, and a genuine desire to enrich the lives of others.

9. Make your home a sanctuary.

A clean home that is uncluttered and decorated with things that are truly meaningful to you, is an emotional and energetic sanctuary. By contrast, a home that is always dirty, cluttered and filled with objects you no longer need or use, tends to hang on to negative energy. Energy needs room to flow – and if your home is filled only with the real treasures and things you use often, then just being there will raise your vibration!

10. Be compassionate and forgiving

Compassion leads to understanding and forgiveness, and that is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It releases the emotional burden that you are carrying about a past act – releasing you from being a victim (low-vibrating) or full of hate or resentment (even lower vibrating). Forgiveness also lets you take back your power, enabling you to choose how you feel about a situation (instead of handing that power over to the transgressor).

11. SMILE! Laugh! Giggle! Do what feels good and what you love!

Who says life has to be all responsibilities, chores and struggle? It does not! It’s meant to be joyful, playful and abundant and the more you smile and show your appreciation for everything in your life, the more you’ll attract the good things.

12. Be grateful

Gratitude may be the single most powerful practice you can do every day to raise your vibration. Don’t just stop at the good stuff – give thanks for adversity and all that it has taught you. Challenge yourself every day to think of one “bad” thing in your life and dig deep enough until you find the hidden blessings and lessons. This is truly transformational!

These are simple ways you can raise your vibration every day. Try one, try them all, and see how you feel in a few days!

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