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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


What's in your water?

HealthyAeon - 3:59 AM

by Jay Ricci

There was once a credit card commercial that asked the question, "What's in your wallet?" Well, more important than what is in your wallet is what is in your water, because believe it or not you can live without a credit card, but you cannot live without water. While it's true THAT we need to drink enough water, not all water is suitable for human consumption. A recent report published in the journal Environmental Pollution confirmed that many people are drinking more than H2O when they drink water from their tap or even some bottled water (which may be nothing more than commercialized tap water).

When your water isn't just H2O

One large study done earlier this year of America's water quality was conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In the study, scientists identified over 50 prescription and non-prescription drugs in samples from 50 large wastewater treatment plants across the USA. According to's Mitchell Kostich, the EPA research biologist who led the study said, "We were surprised to find that many drugs occurring across all the wastewater plants." But how are these drugs getting into the water? Many people flush unused medicines down their toilets as a means of disposal, and they evidently aren't eliminated even by water treatment plants.

However, if people changed their diet and lifestyle to a plant-based one, as they were designed for, then they wouldn't need as many drugs, if any, and this whole problem of contaminated water could be smaller than it is. Now, although many people may be ingesting these drugs in small doses, the "experts" in our government (supposedly looking after our welfare) do not know the long-term effects on human health. But something tells me that it can't be good!

Where will you get your water from?

There are several types of water available. Untreated raw water already home to viruses and/or bacteria may also contain inorganic, harmful chemicals. Chlorinated water (as found in public pools) kills most germs and viruses but is harmful to our bodies as well. Boiling water long enough kills bacteria but doesn't remove any inorganic minerals or drugs. Raw water is like an aquarium filled with live bacteria; boiled water is like a graveyard of dead germs. Mineral water is reported to have medicinal qualities, but that's because the body is trying to eliminate the excess minerals which it sees as foreign deposits.

In his book, The Choice is Clear, Dr. Allen Banik says mineral water could be harmful in the long run. Filtering and de-ionizing water can eliminate harmful fluoride, chlorine and inorganic minerals but usually doesn't filter out bacteria, viruses or chemicals like herbicides, insecticides, etc. Reverse osmosis removes contaminants, pharmaceuticals and bacteria, but the purity of the water is largely determined by the equipment used. Rain water is naturally distilled but becomes contaminated as it falls through the air, which is filled with bacteria, smoke, chemicals and so on.

Our sun heats water, which causes it to evaporate. The vapor rises from the water's surface, leaving all the impurities behind. Then the cooler upper atmosphere air changes it from a gas to liquid (rain). If our atmosphere wasn't polluted, the rain would be pure H2O. Water distillers are man's way of copying nature's form of water purification, some obviously more efficient than others. As it's been said, "other types of water treatment attempt to remove contaminants from water, rather than removing water from the contaminants," which is what distillation does. However, all of us must do our own homework and decide which type of water is best for us based on the level of risk we are willing to take with our health.

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Jay Ricci is a resident of Massachusetts, gospel minister and certified health minister/coach who seeks to educate individuals, churches and companies about obtaining optimal health and empowering the body to self heal. Jay has been a health writer, researcher and lecturer who is currently working on a project to equip people with a practical guide to achieve the optimal health they were designed for as outlined in 3rd John 1:2 in the New Testament. Follow Jay's healthful posts and more... on Twitter:
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