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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Juice Fasting: Health Benefits You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

HealthyAeon - 4:30 AM

by Tina Schomburg
Collective Evolution

So, let me get this straight! You want me to not eat anything for 3 full days?

It sounds ludicrous, but there are tangible outcomes that may just convince you, that juice fasting is an effective and necessary technique to reset your body. Most of us are goal driven individuals and tend to stick to habits more if we have specific outcomes to work towards. So here is the promised list of juice fasting benefits:

1. Your digestive system will get much needed rest!

If you have read Part 1 of the Juice Fasting Guide, then you know how many steps are involved in digesting food optimally so that your body can use it to fuel and nourish itself. It’s an exhaustive process, which is why your digestive system needs a break once in a while -just like every other part of your body that you work out strenuously. Remember when I asked you to work out your legs 88,695 times with no break? That was NOT a challenge, I repeat, it was not a challenge! Now if you haven’t read up on the digestive system, go check it out here.

2. You will lose those extra (toxic) pounds!

You’re fasting — so naturally you are going to lose a few pounds. What’s important to keep in mind, though, is that these are not just any kind of pounds. Juice fasting is a cleansing mechanism, so the pounds that you will be shedding are made up of toxins that have accumulated in your body. One of the self-defense strategies your body deploys when dealing with toxic overload is to increase the number of fat cells and then stuff them full of toxins. This is said to prevent the toxic waste from making its rounds in our circulation and to keep it away from our organs, which is helpful. But, it also causes easy weight gain.

Juice fasting will not just lead to weight loss. More importantly, it gets rid of the toxins that may have triggered any weight gain to begin with. And if you need a little extra motivation, you may want to watch Sick, Fast, and Nearly Dead.

3. You will prevent a toxic overload!

Removing toxins and waste from your body is a benefit in and of itself. This is important to note because your body doesn’t get the chance to “clean house” if there is constantly something else to do. When you give your digestive system a break from solid foods, it can focus its attention on removing these culprits in your body by utilizing the army of nutrients, amino acids and minerals which you are feeding it via fresh, organic juices.

It’s no secret that we live in a polluted environment. The first thing we usually think of is air pollution, but that’s really just the start. The chemicals we breathe in while cleaning our homes with conventional household products; when we apply perfume or cologne. Or the chemicals that seep into our skin when we apply deodorant, go to the swimming pool, when we put on make up or dye our hair. And not to mention the toxins we put directly into our body via the junk food and drinks some of us choose to consume. It’s absolutely necessary to get rid of these toxins before they accumulate in your body and cause serious illness. Hint: juice fast!

4. Your skin will clear up and glow radiantly!

Another great benefit that you can see with your own eyes! Your skin is actually an external reflection of what’s happening inside of your body. It is the largest organ we have and just like our kidneys and liver, it plays an active role in ensuring that toxins are expelled routinely to avoid a build-up inside our body. While we do everything to hide our pimples, zits and acne, we must acknowledge that beneath all the cover-up is a warning sign that we must cleanse our bodies of the toxins.

Juice fasting is an incredibly effective cleansing technique and therefore has positive effects on the appearance of our skin. And here is the trickle down effect that goes beyond our skin: when the skin looks good, we feel more beautiful which consequently makes us happier. And when we are in a positive state of mind, our body functions way better. So you see, it’s a full circle! One good thing leads to another when you juice fast.

5. A love potion for your bowel problems!

As you may have noticed, there has been a dramatic increase in chronic illnesses that affect our digestive tract. The number of teenagers with Crohn’s disease, for example, has jumped more than 300 per cent in the last 10 years in England. Comparatively, the rest of the developed world doesn’t look much better. Other common digestive tract diseases are Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Ulcerative Colitis. The gluten-free craze has certainly been a result of the rising number people who are concerned with or affected by health issues related to their digestive system. Limiting your gluten intake is probably a wise decision for most in order to prevent the onset or manage the symptoms of digestive tract diseases, but so is juice fasting. The aforementioned army of nutrients, amino acids and minerals you take in through the juices will ensure that your digestive system functions (more) optimally.

Although there haven’t been many scientific studies conducted to explore the effectiveness of juicing and juice fasting to treat digestive tract diseases (perhaps for financial reasons), there are reasonable explanations from professionals in the field. One reason may be that our body can take full advantage of the healing properties of plants without having an “irritable” reaction to the insoluble dietary fiber. Also, your body has a built-in mechanism that breaks down and digests diseased tissues and damaged cells. Juice fasting accelerates the process of removing this “waste” and then helps build new, healthy blood cells and tissues which will repair the damaged lining of your intestine. Makes sense, right? (Now we just need the science community to start paying attention!)

6. You will be more mentally alert and focused!

A build-up of toxins and diseased tissues in the body have been linked to episodes of ‘brain fog’ — that feeling when you can’t think clearly and it’s difficult for you to focus on tasks; everything is kind of blurry and your cognitive abilities slow down. Juice fasting alleviates the symptoms of brain fog by removing the toxins that have likely been the root of the problem to begin with. But even if you’re not suffering from brain fog, it’s great to take your mind off food. How much time do you spend a day thinking about what you should eat, when you should make it, and how much you should make? It gets a bit tiring, especially if you are someone who makes a habit of cooking at home, rather than eating out all the time (good for you!).

Note that during the juice fast, you might experience the exact opposite – you may find it difficult to concentrate. That’s because your brain has gone into panic mode and turned on your survival instinct. It will try to say anything to make you eat food ! Remember that this is a natural mechanism and as long as you recognize that, you can simply respond, “chill out brain, this is good for us!”

7. You will increase your willpower!

You may have already discovered that one of the greatest “secrets” to life is Willpower. It helps you elevate your inner strength and defy the type of resistance that keeps up from doing the things we want or need to do, out of fear or uncertainty. How many times have you said you would do something and then didn’t do it? Afterwards you kick yourself, creating a negative environment for your body, mind and soul to sulk over.

Juice fasting trains your willpower by saying NO to the most basic need –food –every single day for 72 hours. This will naturally, and perhaps magically, reflect in other aspects of your life. All of the sudden, other tasks you put your mind to will no longer seem so farfetched and a lot easier to accomplish. Shaka!

8. It will unleash your body’s natural healing powers!

The act of cleansing in and of itself is a very powerful tool to regaining your health, or to prevent illness from setting in. People (me included) have accredited juice fasting for expediting their recovery from a disease by unleashing the natural healing powers of the body, mind and soul. Juice fasting is a natural, relatively inexpensive, and widely accessible medicine that is available to everyone if they are strong enough to give it a try. Are you?

Side note: I strongly advise against any type of hardcore cleansing and detoxifying, such as juice fasting, while you are undergoing conventional cancer treatments (including chemotherapy and radiation). During that time, it is important to support your body and allow it to rest, rather than putting it to work.

About Author:

Hi everyone, my name Tina Schomburg and I’m super excited to talk to you about Juice Fasting. WHY am I so exciting about it? Because Juice Fasting has been truly miraculous for me. I was diagnosed with cancer at 22 and I honestly accredit my recovery and survival in part to juicing and juice fasting. The image to the left was a picture I took after my last 3-day juice fast. I felt incredible, my skin cleared up visibly, my energy was up and my mental agility was noticably improved. I love the euphoric feeling post-juice fast and I’d love for you to follow along this 4-part series. Maybe it will inspire you to embark on your own juice fast journey! Juice it real good – cheers!

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