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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


60 Positive Things You Can Do in 60 Seconds

HealthyAeon - 7:18 AM

by Amanda Froelich
True Activist

It doesn't take much to create a brighter day. In fact, it takes only sixty seconds!

Change is the rule of life; all flows, grows, and eventually withers away to recycle and birth new life once again. But the existence you are currently experiencing is a beauty and blessing to behold. Accept and revel in the present moment by choosing to do one of the 60 following positive tasks for a minimum of sixty seconds; who knows, such playful behavior may change the way you live your life!

1. Smile
2. Give a hug
3. Jump for joy
4. Kiss a friend

Credit: Visualizeus

5. Let out a ringing belly laugh
6. Wish on a star
7. Eat a piece of fruit (5 a day!)
8. Pet your dog
9. Sprint at maximum effort
10. Hold a yoga pose
11. Drink a glass of water
12. Write a “Thank You” note

Credit: NPR

13. Call your parents
14. Sign up for a pottery class
15. Balance on one foot
16. Sprinkle ground flaxseeds on something you’re about to eat
17. Listen to one good song
18. Tell a joke!
19. Give someone a minute of your undivided attention
20. Do jumping jacks

Credit: LiveBoldandBloom

21. Meditate
22. Receive a compliment
23. Dance like no one is watching
24. Snack on some almonds 25. Read a poem
26. Do 10 push-ups
27. Take a multivitamin

Credit: The Naked Kitchen

28. Stretch and yawn – even if you’re not sleepy
29. Compliment a stranger
30. Make a list of your five favorite songs

31. Wash your hands
32. Send a check to a good cause
33. Bend forward at the waist and hang
34. Rub your temples
35. Breathe deeply
36. Observe everything around you, and list 5 positive things
37. Call your parents (“Hi Mom and Dad. Bye!”
38. Brush your teeth – again
39. Sign a petition for a cause you care about
40. Contemplate how you can be more sustainable with your actions
41. Hang upside down and stretch out your spine
42. Share a sandwich with someone else who is hungry
43. Make a paper plane with an inspiring message and launch it into the world
44. Do 10 squats
45. Close your eyes and think of nothing
46. Play with a dog.

Credit: Pet Shop

47. Pet a cat.
48. Help someone with their groceries.
49. Pick a flower and give it away
50. Shimmy your shoulders
51. Think of someone you’re grateful for
52. Pay yourself a compliment

Credit: HappinessWeekly

53. Do 10 sit-up crunches
54. Speak (and feel) 5 affirmations
55. Make plans to spend time with your partner
56. Try a vegetable you think you don’t like
57. Sing a favorite tune
58. Skip as high as you can
59. Hug a tree
60. Be thankful for the live you’ve been given

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