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Thursday, July 17, 2014

What is the Soul? Evidence of Its Existence

HealthyAeon - 8:38 AM

by PL Chang
Energy Fanatics

The concept of the soul has been a part of human culture for millennia. However, no one in the public sector has been able to prove with concrete evidence that it exists. Are there ways to prove that the human soul exists without physical proof? Yes, there are ways to prove the existence of the soul. However, with our current technology, concrete proof may not yet be possible. Proving that the soul exists is similar to proving the existence of gravity. You can’t actually see gravity but you know it exists due to the fact that you can feel its effects. To understand if the human soul exists, you need to study the effects of the soul instead of only looking for physical proof.

Conventional science usually has a hard time accepting the soul as a real entity, because it doesn’t know how to observe and prove its existence. The problem with conventional science is that it likes to focus on studying something that can be observed and experimented on. If it can’t do these things to prove the existence of its findings, it doesn’t consider them to be true. This is the problem with conventional science and is one of the main reasons why it will become less relevant in the near future. Just because something can’t be observed or experimented on doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

On the contrary, quantum physics is more open to the existence of the soul, because it isn’t afraid to explore beyond the material realm. Quantum physics has more potential of explaining how reality really works, because it heavily focuses on explaining the relationship between energy and matter. If we don’t incorporate energy mechanics into science and combine it with spirituality, we can never understand what life and reality are, because energy is one of the core reasons why matter, life, and reality exist.

Definition of the soul

Most people agree that the human soul is non-physical and is the entity that animates the physical body. In other words, the soul is an energy entity that allows us to experience life in the material world. Defining the soul may be easy, but what is its purpose and does it actually exists? One of the roles of the soul is to give us identity and personality. It is needed to manage the connect between our mind and body, so that they can communicate more efficiently.

Below is a paragraph extracted from my book Staradigm about what the soul is.
The soul and spirit are two entities that often confuse people. Their relationship is similar to that of electricity and magnetism; one depends on the other to function properly. The soul is the light body anatomy that can become finite. It acts like a vehicle to house the spirit so that the spirit can enter the body to begin a new incarnation. The spirit is what gives the body life. It does this by taking control over the cellular growth of the fetus once its parental donated quantum reaches critical depletion. Before the spirit is tethered to the atomic structure of the fetus, the donated quantum from the egg and sperm of the parents fuels the cellular growth of the fetus.
Metaphorically speaking, the soul is like the human body and the spirit is like the heart. During the fetal development process, the heart begins to function a few weeks before the brain. As the heart starts beating, the fetus starts to truly experience life. In some ways, the heart and spirit are similar because they act like the spark of life.

Even though most of us accept the idea that the human soul exists, there are still many people who believe it doesn’t exist due to the fact that no one from the public has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that it exists. To find evidence of the existence of the soul, we need to dig deeper into how reality and the brain work.

The evidence of the soul and the relationship between energy and matter

Quantum physicists have shown that matter behaves more like an illusion, because when they study atoms (what matter is made of) at their fundamental state, they are mostly empty space and are made of only energy. This means that there is a lot more to us than our physical self. Another evidence that proves there is more to us than our physical self is the human brain. Most of us have been conditioned at an early age to believe that thinking occurs in our brain. This concept isn’t totally accurate. If thinking did occur in the brain, then starfish, jellyfish, and microorganism wouldn’t be able to survive since they don’t have a brain to think. Once you connect the dots, you may realize that thinking and the actions of your body are like the effects created by your mind, soul, and spirit.

Russian scientists have been doing a lot of scientific experiments to try to prove that there is life after death. One of them have developed a unique photographic technique that can capture energy fields of objects. His name is Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov and his technique is known as Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV). Some of his supporters claimed that he photographed the soul leaving a person’s body after death using GDV technology. Whether this is true or not is still up for debate.

Once we understand there is a lot more to reality than meets the eye and that matter behaves more like an illusion, we will eventually realize that our true identity is our soul and spirit. Our body then acts like a vehicle that allows us (the soul/spirit) to experience the infinite possibilities of life in the material realm. If you could accept that your true identity is your soul and spirit, then you should understand that there is more to life than what they have conditioned you to believe. Even if you don’t believe in a soul and spirit, it is wise to keep an open mind due to the fact that humanity’s knowledge of life and reality is still in its infancy.

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