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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Energy Healing Power of the Pyramids

HealthyAeon - 4:09 AM

PL Chang
Energy Fanatics

The Great Pyramids of Egypt have evoked powerful images of grandeur and ancient power in humans throughout the world and across many millennia. Gazing up at these massive structures or even looking at them in pictures leaves us awe-struck and conjures up something mysterious that excites our imagination, causing us to want to know the secrets of how the pyramids were built and with what instruments? While some researchers and archaeologists have been trying to unravel the secrets of the pyramids, the more they learn about them, the more mysteries they encounter.

The healing effects of pyramid healing

One particular mystery of the pyramids is the unusual energetic fields that surrounds them. Another one is their energy healing power. During the last decade, a handful of scientists and researchers have discovered that the Great Pyramids of Egypt and other similar pyramids have unique energetic properties that induce medical benefits for various types of illnesses and ailments.

One famous series of experiments took place in Russia where scientists constructed a few pyramids that replicate the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Over the course of many years, different researches conducted different experiments to test the energy healing effects that occurred within the Russian built pyramids. Many of these experiments found that test subjects placed inside these pyramids had increased immunity, expedited healing, and medical benefits. Furthermore, seeds placed inside these pyramids grew bigger and had better yields. These healing effects of the Russian built pyramids suggest that certain pyramids can boost vitality, immunity, and energy of living organisms.

Some researchers claimed that pyramids built using sacred geometry has the power to increase the energy frequency of an organism, including the human body. They believe this is possible due to their unique geometric shape. The sacred shape of these pyramids helps absorb electromagnetic energy coming from the earth, stars, and other planets. It is believed that the electromagnetic waves can actually change the vibrational frequency rate of people, thereby altering their mental, physical, and emotional states.

Pyramids can reduce natural disasters

Besides healing the body, Russian scientists discovered that certain pyramids has the ability to stabilize the planet by greatly reducing natural disasters, such as severe storms and earthquakes. They also found that when radioactive materials were placed inside the pyramids that they built, these materials would decay faster. Furthermore, certain drugs would become more effective when placed inside pyramids and water can be purify of certain harmful microorganisms.

While we can’t all live inside a pyramid, some people believe that having pyramid structures close by can induce similar types of energy healing benefits. For instance, some people like to place pyramid shaped figurines in their house and workplace to help harmonize the energy of their environment.

Interesting geometric properties and findings of the Great Pyramid of Egypt

The geometric properties of the Great Pyramid has baffled many scientists due to their perfect geometric shape and their mathematical relationship to certain celestial bodies, such as the size of our Earth, moon, and sun. Below are some interesting properties of the Great Pyramid.
  • The base of the Great Pyramid was measured to be exactly 36,524.22 primitive inches in length or 365.2422 sacred Egyptian cubits in length, a near perfect match to the 365 days of a solar year.
  • The sum of each pair of diagonal lines on the outside of the Great Pyramid is 25,827 primitive inches in length. This measurement is a very close estimate of the exact length of the precessional cycle.
  • The undamaged casing stones of the Great Pyramid, some weighing over 16 tons, are so perfectly shaped and squared that the faces and butting surfaces of these stones were cut to 1/100th of an inch. For comparison, the average thickness of a human nail is about 1/50th of an inch. When you really think about it, it is impossible for a bunch of slaves to move these 16 tons stones and precisely put them together without the use of advanced ancient technology.
  • Some researchers of esoteric knowledge believed that the Great Pyramid can be used to generate free energy since they believe it has the ability to harness torsion waves.
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