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Friday, July 4, 2014


Destiny, Luck and Then Feng Shui

HealthyAeon - 3:04 AM

by Kartar Diamond
OM Times

I know that when I teach or write about this topic, I can make world events as well as our private lives appear directly hinged to our surroundings and the non-obvious metaphysical impact. Yet, in truth feng shui only ranks third in importance from a Taoist perspective.

Before your environment can be considered, pure destiny has the biggest influence. If it is not your destiny to be Bill Gates, then all the prosperity remedies will not catapult you into his league. Some people have spectacular destinies that are enhanced by good feng shui or flourish in spite of negative influences. But your personal feng shui can alter your destiny in more subtle ways. If it is your destiny to get married, then our cache of romance remedies might speed up the wedding date.

Next comes “luck” or free will. According to Taoist philosophy there is a margin of free will that can override the limits of your environment or even destiny. On a mundane level, we see this happening all the time. A child grows up in a poor, crime-ridden neighborhood but defies the odds and excels or becomes an over-achieving model citizen. Free will; it can happen.

Feng Shui (your total environment, of seen and unseen influences) is third on the list in terms of how your life is formed and altered. We often say that a person comes from “good genes” or a “good family,” but maybe in the future we will even attribute success to the “good feng shui upbringing.” Just a couple months ago, the Los Angeles Times ran an article about a small town in Korea where several high ranking politicians were born. It is just a humble little area, and yet it produced some of the most successful men in their country.
This little town has now become a tourist spot, where many come to speculate about how the houses, mountains, and grave sites affected these well-known government leaders. Years before I ever heard of this mysterious topic, I marveled at how a disproportionately large number of talented world-class music legends came from England (Beatles, Stones, Elton John, David Bowie, the Who….and the list goes on.) Whole geographic areas can possess their own feng shui, not just individual homes.

After the fengshui influence, spiritual practices and conscious living will affect our lives and well-being too. As an example, if someone lives in an environment that could incite drug-taking, a person could still muster enough inner strength in their consciousness and spiritual practices to not succumb to the undermining forces or temptation of the environment.

Destiny, luck, feng shui, and conscious living have created who you are. You can’t control your destiny a whole lot, but the other influences can definitely be harnessed and directed towards more positivity and success.

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