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Thursday, June 5, 2014


Ozone and Oxygen Therapy for Cancer

HealthyAeon - 2:39 AM

by PL Chang
Energy Fanatics

Ozone therapy and oxygen therapy have been used by many doctors in Europe, Russia, Cuba, and Mexico to treat all sorts of diseases and health conditions for more than 50 years. In the United States, these two therapies are often frown upon by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Since the 1940s, the FDA has been cracking down on US clinics that use ozone and oxygen therapy to cure cancer, AIDS and other diseases and health conditions.

Ozone therapy uses the healing power of ozone (O3) to rejuvenate the body and boost its energy levels. On the other hand, oxygen therapy uses pure oxygen (O2) to increase the oxygen levels in the body. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is often recommended over traditional oxygen therapy, because it allows a patient to take in 100 percent pure oxygen inside an increased atmospheric pressure tank. At pressures greater than normal, the body can absorb more oxygen and therefore increasing its ability to heal faster.

Ozone therapy vs. oxygen therapy: Which one is better for treating cancer?

Ozone is made of 3 oxygen atoms or (O3) whereas oxygen is made of 2 oxygen atoms (O2). Ozone is more energetic and oxidative than oxygen, making it great for destroying harmful microorganisms. Some water purification companies like to use ozone to purify water since it is pure and can purify the water without contaminating the water with harmful chemical compounds.

Since oxygen isn’t as oxidative as ozone, it isn’t as good for cancer and treating other health conditions. However, some health experts believe that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective for assisting the body to fight harmful microorganisms. Some of them claimed that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can effectively treat cancer, autism, AIDS and Lyme disease.

When it comes to killing harmful microorganism, oxygen therapy isn’t as effective as ozone therapy. Ozone (O3) can easily break up into O1, an oxygen atom that penetrates tissue and cells more rapidly. It also allows detoxification to occur rapidly. Ozone or O3 is often administered into the body as a liquid by intravenous (IV) or injection. It can also be administered as a gas though a tube placed in the rectum.

Besides treating cancer, many people use ozone therapy technology to heal and disinfect wounds, burns and rashes. This therapy is also used for boosting energy and the immune system and for fighting the common cold and flu.

How ozone is generated

In nature, ozone is created high up in the Earth’s atmosphere when ultraviolet radiation comes in contact with oxygen, causing a reaction that turns some oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). This is why there is an ozone layer in the Earth’s atmosphere that protects us from harmful radiation. At the ground level, ozone is created when UV light from the sun interacts with water spray in waves and waterfalls. O3 can also be created by lightning.

Isn’t ozone toxic since it is found in smog?

Contrary to what we have been told, ozone isn’t smog and it isn’t toxic. Smog is sometimes used interchangeably with ozone. For this reason, many people believe that ozone and smog is the same thing. Smog is made of many different chemicals that are harmful to the body. Ozone is made of O3. It is a natural element that is essential for life to exist.

Ozone therapy machines

Ozone can also be generated using ozone therapy machines. However, not all ozone generators are created equally. In fact, most of them do a poor job of creating good concentration levels of pure ozone. The best ozone therapy machines can generate good concentration levels of pure ozone that are free of contaminants. These machines often generate O3 that doesn’t come into contact with metal, rubber, plastic or ceramics while inside the ozone machine.

There are hundreds of different types of ozone generators on the market, but they generally use ultraviolet radiation or corona discharge technology to produce O3. For medical use, corona discharge ozone generators are recommended, because they can generate more amounts of O3. For this reason, corona discharge ozone generators are often used for treating cancer and other health conditions.

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