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Friday, May 23, 2014

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Can cancer be stopped in its tracks? Even cured? The cancer documentary event of the year has now arrived

HealthyAeon - 4:25 AM

by Mike Adams

The most important cancer documentary series ever produced -- what I'm calling the "Healing event of the year!" -- has now arrived. It's called The Truth About Cancer and it's a professionally-produced video documentary series that launches in just a few days, on May 26th.

The Truth About Cancer features video interviews with 29 amazing experts, including people I consider to be the very top cancer experts in the world today. In this series, you'll hear from people like:

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez
Dr. Rashid Buttar
G. Edward Griffin
Dr. Keith Scott Mumby
Dr. Patrick Quillin
Dr. David Jockers
Suzanne Somers

... and yes, the Health Ranger is interviewed too!

Click here to register to see all the videos for free.

Lifesaving wisdom for humanity

While the for-profit cancer industry is really only interested in making money off cancer "treatments," what humanity really needs is a revolution in cancer wisdom that teaches strategies to prevent, halt and even reverse various types of cancer.

This Truth About Cancer docu-series is a treasure trove of knowledge for humanity -- the kind of knowledge the cancer industry absolutely refuses to acknowledge and hopes you never discover.

Armed with this information, nearly everyone can prevent cancer in their own bodies. Cancer isn't a spontaneous affliction that happens without cause, after all. It's the result of biochemical causes.

And where there's a cause that produces results, there's a way to get different results by changing the inputs.

This docu-series, produced by Ty Bollinger, is essentially a secret treasure map leading you to the treasure of living cancer-free for the rest of your life!

Do not miss this event. Click here to get registered so you can watch all 29 videos interviews (or just watch the ones you want!).

It's time humanity stopped suppressing knowledge and started sharing it!

This Truth About Cancer docu-series is produced in the spirit of SHARING knowledge for the betterment of humanity.

Much of human history, sadly, has been condemned under oppressive regimes that incessantly seek to suppress knowledge. The cancer industry is one of the worst offenders: it actively seeks to suppress the truth about vitamin D's anti-cancer capabilities, the truth about how chemical exposure causes cancer, and the truth about how cancer will never be cured by a chemical drug. The cancer industry ridiculously wants us all to believe that cancer happens without cause, that cancer will one day be cured with pharmaceuticals, but that the search for that cure might take another hundred years as a few trillion dollars... during which we're all supposed to keep running around in circles with pink ribbons, emptying our pockets of donation cash.

The FDA, similarly, has long outlawed true health claims on anti-cancer supplements such as cruciferous vegetable extracts or resveratrol. No dietary supplement manufacturer is ever allowed to claim that anything they sell has any ability to prevent, treat or cure cancer in any way whatsoever! (Making such a claim is the fastest way to get raided at gunpoint and thrown in prison.)

But in truth there are anti-cancer foods that work better than drugs! There are cancer prevention strategies that cost you absolutely nothing to pursue! And there are genuine cures for many types of cancer -- advanced medicine approaches which are succeeding every day all around the world but which are banned in the United States because of the corrupt protectionism racket of the cancer industry itself.

This information can save millions of lives

The Truth About Cancer blows the lid on the century-long cancer scam by daring to speak the truth in an age of deceit. That's why this video docu-series simply can't be missed. It's one of the most important public education events to have ever been assembled that defies the forced ignorance and knowledge suppression of the for-profit cancer industry.

I truly believe that if every person in the modern world watched this series, millions of lives would be saved from cancer. And as a result, trillions of dollars in health care costs would be avoided, too.

In fact, you might think that a sensible government would actually hope its citizens learned ways to prevent cancer and not need chemotherapy, radiotherapy and cancer surgery. But no, in our corrupt, demented world, sickness generates profits, and profits power the political machine. So the continuation of cancer is essential to the ongoing business model of modern medicine -- a system steeped in disease, suffering and junk science deceptions.

Break through the haze and see the issue of cancer with refreshing clarity! Watch this amazing docu-series starting May 26th.

You may just save your own life by doing so.

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