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Sunday, May 18, 2014


2 Tiny Mind Tweaks That Produce Big Changes In Your Life

Team - 6:43 AM

by Simona Rich - CollectiveEvolution

It’s natural for people to get upset in response to something happening and as a result completely merging with that emotion. When you do such a thing, you straight away put your body in a low vibration and thus become a match to negative events. Let me tell you some simple ways that I’ve found to be effective in avoiding this, to help you gain full control of your emotions and ultimately your life.

It’s such a freedom to not be affected by low moods, and it’s entirely possible to do so. I’ll tell you how I did it, and if I can do it – you surely can too.

The first thing that helped me was a realization that if I allow my moods to take control of me, I become a slave to them and lose grip over my life. Chaos then starts ruling, as the driver of the car of life (your self) is not present. I really don’t want that to happen, so I try to make sure I’m always steering the wheel.

Another thing that helped me to be in charge of my feelings was analyzing what caused me to be upset, the moment that it happened. That’s a small but powerful way to control your feelings, because what you usually discover by analyzing the causes is that they’re laughable.

Let me give you some examples. Because of this philosophy of mine, usually my mood is very even. It’s slightly uplifted, which is completely fulfilling. But at one point today I noticed my mood going slightly down. The mood threshold trigger went off since the mood was going more down than usual, and so I became aware of the fact.

Straight away I started analyzing what just caused my lowering mood. It turned out it was a small mental observation – getting no comments on the book review I posted. When I knew exactly the cause, I could see how insignificant and silly it was to get upset about such a thing. Yet if I wouldn’t have analyzed this, I would think that this emotion is significant, leading to something truly bad within. It almost never does. Not the surface emotions anyway.

Every time I applied this investigation in my life I arrived at similar causes. Someone not responding to an email in a way I expected. A person saying some negative word to me. Having too many tasks to do. All of these causes are small and therefore can be easily turned into positive feelings. But without analysis that’s impossible. Only if you take this little cause and look at it, and then decide how to view it, can the change of emotion take place.

So let’s say my post didn’t get much attention. I can now choose to view it as an indicator of what my readers consider less relevant, and thus it’s a great lesson for me not to publish such content again. Without this post I wouldn’t have known. So it’s good that now I do. Reasoning this way makes me happy; without such analysis I would still feel upset.

Let’s say that someone said something negative. I can reason that the person probably had a bad day and that their words weren’t really directed at me; their words were just projections of how they felt about themselves at that time. Again, now I feel better by such thinking and actually hold a level of compassion towards the person; without such analysis I would keep feeling upset.

So try these two tiny shifts in your own life. Firstly, realize that by allowing your emotions to rule you, you abandon the driver seat of the car of life, allowing the car to self-steer in any direction it wants and leading it to crash at any time.

Secondly, whenever you start feeling upset, take a look at what you just did, or what thought visited your mind. Capture that cause and analyze it with the light of your attention. See how you can turn it around, how you can make it more positive. Then dwell on that positive aspect.

I can assure you that these two mind tweaks will brighten your life.

About the author
Simona Rich is a self improvement blogger. When she's not blogging, she runs self growth workshops in London. When not in London, she's likely to be found doing yoga in South India.

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