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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Your Life is Your Line in the Sand

HealthyAeon - 10:34 PM

by Zen Gardner

It’s easy to distance ourselves from the realities confronting us. Some call it “human nature” but even that concept is clearly manipulated. The gap between recognition and action has been deliberately distended into a vast, complicated maze in the mass mind to such an extent it’s embarrassing to behold.

Result: We don’t react. We calculate.

That’s the state of our species. “Compassion must be tempered with reason” or some such nonsense, to keep us from responding to someone in need. It’s a buffer zone between you and finding out who you, and all of us, really are!

Where Do We Stand?

We stand where we are. Where are you? Where am I? We have to deal with reality here and now or we’ll never get anywhere. The current state of your life, or mine, is fact. It’s where we currently stand. However our heads are turning and thoughts and hearts may be yearning, we’re all here, right where we are. Right Now.

The question I’m asking is, once you know your true ground and have found out things are not quite right, have you stepped out to enact what you know to be true? Have you made the changes you know you should?

Have we moved from the complacent observer to an actual agent for change? That’s the fundamental question Universe is asking us right now. And always has, if we’re honest. Whether we live to simply respond to the manufactured societal construct, or live for the rebellion against it in a love for Truth, our lives tell the tale.

Decision Making

The only reason we compromise is for personal advantage. Understandable, but nefarious all the same. When our default position is to preserve ourselves and our adopted manufactured sense of reality, we maintain the status quo. Responding consciously breaks that spell.

That’s where real decisions come into play. What are you willing to do? What are you willing to sacrifice for what you believe in? What do you dare to do, or not do?

Might you need to find your own Truth?

That’s the crunch. Being your own person, making your own decisions. Letting go of programming and making free choices. It’s a glorious liberation when you find it. I hope you have, or soon will.

Be your own, and draw your life in the sand.

Much love, Zen

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