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Friday, April 11, 2014

3 Golden Rules for a Better and Healthier Life

HealthyAeon - 4:25 AM

by Luminita Saviuc
Purpose Fairy

“I love life because what more is there.” ~ Anthony Hopkins

You know how us humans, when we don’t like something or someone we start complaining, whining, criticizing and resisting everything and everyone without realizing that what we resist persists and what we fight against we strengthen… We can’t always change the situations we are in nor the people we interact with and this is exactly why we need to learn to live our lives based on these 3 golden rules:

1. Allowance

By allowing events to take their course, by allowing people to just be, the way they are, allowing them to continue on their journey of self discovery and self mastery, on the path they are in, not only we will feel better ourselves, and more healthy, but our lives will become so much easier. If you can’t control something, allow it to be, if you can control something, allow yourself to do just that, but without any pressure, any resistance.

2. Appreciation

Appreciate what is, appreciate yourself, appreciate your life, appreciate your friends and family, appreciate all the good and not so good, appreciate all your challenges, and know that everything is exactly the way it should be. The more you will do just that, the more you express your gratitude and appreciation, the happier you will feel, and the quality of your life will improve tremendously.

3. Excitement

Not only are you allowing events to take their course without trying to change everything all the time, going against the current of life, going against the flow, but you are now showing your gratitude and appreciation for what is, living in the present moment and enjoying life, really enjoying it, feeling excited for what the future will bring. It’s very important to be present and to constantly stop and smell the roses, but it is also very important to see the big picture, to have a vision and a sense of purpose, to have meaning in your life, and by doing so, you will be so satisfied with yourself and the quality of your life.

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