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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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Juicing Celery: Ordinary Superfood that Can Repair the Digestive System & Detoxify

HealthyAeon - 3:28 AM

by Aaron Dykes
Truthstream Media

Celery is one of the most affordable organic produce items, and a powerful superfood that can heal and detoxify.

This simple juicing video will show you how about $1.50 per day in celery juice can boost your diet with essential vitamins and minerals, while helping to improve a long list of ailments including digestive disorders, high blood pressure, arthritis, inflammation, auto-immune disorders, anemia, asthma, skin problems and more.

A recommended dose of 16 oz. of celery juice per day can alkalize the body, flush out toxins, promote white blood cells, purify the blood stream, improve digestion, cleanse the colon and acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Read more about the benefits of celery here.

Eat your veggies, or juice them and have even more! Organic vegetables are highly recommended to avoid/reduce toxins including pesticides.

These two bunches of celery yielded just over 4 pints of juice! More than enough for Melissa and I to enjoy a 16 oz. glass each.

For more anti-inflammatory and potentially healing foods that can help with digestive disorders including leaky gut, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac’s Disease, Crohn’s Disease, gluten intolerance and more, as well as general health and vitality – please check out these videos:

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