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Monday, March 17, 2014


7 Signs Your Food is of Quality

Team - 4:42 AM

by Amanda Froelich
True Activist

The world’s food supply has drastically changed in the last few hundred years due to diverse agricultural methods and man-made attempts to tame the land.

But with the advent of conventional growing methods, soil quality has depreciated, and now most modern, manufactured food can no longer be deemed health-promoting, as greed for profit and mass production has turned wholesome, nourishing fare into franken-foods. Such products are laden with preservatives and chemicals, additives which have been shown to be inflammatory-causing and toxic to the human body.

In effect, the world is in a paradox: advanced technologies may be more prevalent than ever before, but the health of its people continues to decline. No longer is it famine or plague contributing to degenerated health, but the treatment and cultivation of food sources essential for the existence of mankind.


But life-promoting food can be cultivated, and most importantly, obtained from quality sources. Therefore, it is essential that optimally grown food be sought out. These 7 standards are signs you are consuming food that not only supports your best health, but the rest of the world’s as well.

1. Grown without Pesticides, Chemicals, and Fertilizers

The Organic Consumers Association has shown that over 4,000 different carcinogenic (Cancer-causing) chemicals have been found in the packaging of processed foods. Many of these chemicals have been found to be hormone disrupting and contribute to depressed health.

Choose food that has been grown without these additives and free your mind from the worry of contracting common diseases that are linked with poor food choices.

2. Organic, Non-GMO

Mercola proudly speaks out against genetically modified foods, and for good reason. As shared in-depth in this article, GMO foods are unpredictable in the way the interact with the body, contribute to the loss of bees, have been shown to cause many health issues (tumors, premature death, organ failure, liver damage, kidney damage, allergic reactions, and more), contain less nutrition than organically grown foods, and are horrendously toxic to the environment.

Go Organic, grow your own food, and check the stickers on produce to ensure you are not obtaining your food genetically modified.

3. Contains NO Added Growth Hormones, Antibiotics, or Other Drugs

Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) is a synthetic hormone marketed to dairy farmers to increase milk production in cows. Although approved by the FDA in 1993, there are considerable concerns regarding its use and the dangers it poses to not only the cows treated questionably, but the humans who consume their products.

Human studies are still inconclusive in mainstream media, but other sources indicate that the consumption of rBGH increases the risk for breast and other cancers. Cows injected with the bovine growth hormone have been confirmed to develop adverse health effects, as well.

Avoid foods that have been treated or injected with any form of hormone, antibiotic, or other drug for optimal health.

4. Does Not Contain Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives

The packaged food industry thrives off of the artificial ingredients and preservatives used to enhance packaged cuisine’s color, flavor, and shelf-life. But in no way are these life-extending additives beneficial for the consumer’s health.

Many artificial ingredients, colors, and flavorings have been shown to be carcinogenic (Cancer causing), be hormone-disrupting, induce reproductive issues, enhance ADHD and other behavioral issues, cause tumors in rats, contribute to fatty arteries – which is a contributing factor to heart disease, and cause neurological problems.

Advice? Skip the packaged, sugary, and refined foods. Opt for naturally produced, organically grown snacks, and take care of your health in the present to avoid catastrophes later on.

Credit: SustainableTable

5. Fresh

High-vibrational and quality food is fresh. That means consumption as close to the time of picking as possible is optimal for peak health. It has been shown that within 4-5 days, 10-25% of Vitamin C levels are lost in fruits and vegetables stored in the fridge – not even considering the amount lost while being shipped weeks before being stacked in supermarkets.

Either grow your own, obtain from a local and fresh source, or always choose the freshest looking produce you can find in your grocery store. Another option to consider is to buy organic, frozen vegetables which have been frozen hours after picking. This retains a valuable amount of vitamins and nutrients, and extends their life-giving properties.

6. Did Not Come From a Factory Farm

If you want quality food, be sure to obtain it from pure sources. This means choosing to consume animal products that are sourced from local, organically raised, and/or wild-caught sources. The more loving and natural environment they were raised in, the healthier such cuts have been shown to be for human consumption.

7. Grown Sustainably

For food to be of quality, it needs to have been grown sustainably. Sustainable growing methods ensure that less CO2 is produced through processing, shipping cross-country, and/or utilizing harsh chemicals and fertilizers. It also means the soil stays bio-dynamic and full of minerals – an essential for high quality produce to be cultivated.

Most sustainably grown oftentimes at Farmers Markets or in the organic section of your produce market, as well as in your garden. A good sign you’re on the right track is if your dusty radish is handed over with a smile from the farmer who dedicated his or her time and love to grow such high-vibrational produce.

If your food aligns with these 7 standards, you can be optimistic it also supports your most vibrant health. And if you believe food can be an essential preventative factor in reducing healthcare costs and lessening the high mortality rate related to dietary and lifestyle choices, share this article.

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