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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


10 Secrets of Psychic Success

Team - 3:42 AM

1. Tour inner essence: Words, thoughts, actions, ambitions, convictions, all mean nothing unless they spring from that certain inner essence called the Supermind. Honey contains sugar, flavor, color, liquid, but if you mix these ingredients you will not get honey. The essence of honey is required.

2. Self-unity: The self-united man easily accomplishes that which the self-divided man finds difficult or impossible. Inner unity expands our achievements in all areas of living. We are no longer harvesters who pick one grape at a time; we take them by the bunch.

3. Leave yourself alone: If you do not identify with a physical defect,that is, if you do not see it as part of the essential you, it is the same as if it did not exist. Psychologically, it does not exist and, therefore, cannot bother you. So stop nagging at yourself; leave yourself alone. The reverse of the Golden Rule is equally valuable: Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you.

4. The wonderful truths: Beyond the terrible facts about human beings, reside the wonderful truths. But no man ever has or ever will find the wonderful truths without first facing the terrible facts. We find our heaven by experiencing fully and without resistance, what we assume is our hell.

5. Correcting blunders: You can take the sting out of your mistakes by realizing that you make them because you wrongly assumed that your action was right or necessary. Operating from a false notion, you received a false effect. But now, by operating from the Supermind, everything can be different.

6. The mystery of hope: Never hold your hopes in reserve. Dare to exhaust them completely, the sooner the better, for they keep you tense.Have you noticed the anxiety in hope? Human hope is not comforting;it is subtle slavery. Beyond shattered hopes is what you really want. In that true life there is no need to hope. You don’t hope for the sun on a bright day.

7. How insight works: When you do something because you first see something, your action is right. In fact, the seeing is the doing. When you solve this mystery, life will never again have a sorry sense of sameness.

8. Avoid distractions: Don’t take side trips—that is, pay no attention to useless items, like traditions and popular opinions. It is also useless to wonder whether you can make it or not; keep trying. It is pointless to chase from one teaching to another; seek within yourself. Never mind what other people do with their lives; do what is right for you.

9. The richer life: The greater distance a man is from the truth, the more he will be indifferent or hostile to it, though he may give public lip service to it. The closer one is to the truth the more he welcomes it.Spiritually speaking, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

10. Sailing forward: Just as a ship sails through opposing winds by setting its sail at a certain angle, so can we, by right insight, sail through all seeming opposition. Forget opposition. Remember insight.

Source: The Power of Your Supermind (book), by Vernon Howard

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