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Thursday, January 23, 2014


The Biggest Mistake People Make When It Comes To Weight Loss

Team - 2:31 AM


As a certified fitness trainer and health coach, I work with people all the time who want to lose weight. Some are depressed about how much they weigh. Others are frustrated because they drop a few pounds, only to put them right back on. Some want my help because they feel defeated or their weight loss has plateaued.

Many women tell me they don't feel like their outside matches how they feel inside. Some used to be athletes, or at their ideal weight and are now struggling to find that person once again.

I get it.

I live in the weight loss space and know how exasperating it can be for people who want more than anything to take off the extra weight. However, I meet too many women who put their lives on hold until they reach some ideal number on the scale. It's as if life begins when three specific digits appear on the scale. Or they won't smile again until they lose weight. I don't care what weight you're at—don't put your life on pause as you embark on your weight loss journey.

Here's a little secret: You are completely worthy of love (your own love too!) right now. You don't have to wait for your weight to be a certain number to love yourself, deserve love from others or live your life.

I'm all about change from a positive place.

If you're beating yourself up, thinking defeating thoughts, and feeling unworthy of love because of your size, you're going to have a difficult time losing that weight. Change is more likely to happen if you can start from a positive place.
This way, you're in the control seat and you believe change is possible. You tell yourself positive things like Yes, you can or I've got this. When you are a positive person, positive things happen.

Wherever you are in your journey, don't let extra weight prevent you from having a full life right now. Go to the gym, go on a date, buy the dress, attend the party, pose for the photograph, jet off on vacation ... Do all the things you want to do, regardless of the number you see on the scale. Live fully and you'll build the confidence you need to make positive change. Plus, we should all accept ourselves and our flaws. Life is about learning, right? Perfect is a title nobody gets.

How do you do this? A few ways:

Practice loving yourself and not tying your emotional state to those three numbers on the scale.

You can set a goal weight, but keep it in perspective. Your mood shouldn't soar up or down based on that number on the scale. Be kind to yourself.

Realize the story you tell yourself about yourself is powerful.

How you see yourself will match your actions. Who do you think would have more success on their weight loss journey ... someone who is enjoying life as they work to lose weight, or someone who stays at home waiting for the day when the scale hits a certain number? Elevate your self-perception and make the story you tell about you a positive one, and watch how can accelerate your weight loss results this year!

Decide to love your body this year! Know that you can be on a journey of self-improvement and love yourself through it—ups, downs, flaws, setbacks, triumphs and all! This is your one life after all. Don't you want to live it?

About author:
Chris Freytag is a nationally recognized fitness expert, public speaker, contributing editor to Prevention magazine and an author. Her latest books are Get Started with Weight Loss, and Get Started with Clean Eating (and a vegetarian version). Chris also has a healthy cookbook titled, CHOOSE THIS! Chris shares her tips weekly on the Minneapolis NBC affiliate and has appeared on the Today Showand Lifetime TV. She has dozens of workout DVDs; the latest is her ACE HIIT series. Chris is passionate about helping people live healthier lives, and works with adults, kids, and athletes, as well as several nonprofit organizations helping youth get active. Live life from a positive place and Love Your Body!

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Source: mindbodygreen

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