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Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Seeds of Death Documentary: Learn the Dark Secrets of GMO and How It Harms Your Genes

HealthyAeon - 4:13 AM

Genetically modified food (GM food, GMO or frankenfood) is a type of food that has gone through some form of artificial genetic manipulation. The techniques used to create GMO are still premature, which is why animals fed with it developed serious side effects, including but not limited to infertility, birth defects, immune disorders, growth and digestive problems, premature aging and cancer.

Last year a worldwide anti-GMO movement raised so much awareness that it motivated many countries to ban certain frankenfood. Mexico, Russia and China were some of the countries that rejected GM food. Anti-GMO activists have done such a great job of informing the public about the health and environmental dangers of genetically modified food that even the highly controlled mainstream media had to admit that it was a health hazard.

The most dangerous feature of genetically modified food is its ability to cause damages to genes. With the right technologies and techniques, biotech companies can create GMO that can be used to affect certain genes to the point where it can trigger certain health conditions to manifest, including but not limited to cancer, obesity, diabetes or infertility. In other words, genetically modified food can be used as bio-weapons to cause health problems, which is why the pharmaceutical industry loves this type of food. The sicker the population, the more money it can make. Are you starting to see the connection here?

The company that is in the forefront of genetically modified food is Monsanto. The hidden agendas of this company is to destroy all family farms and replace most organic plant-based food with its hazardous frankenfood. It’s also planning to go after meat-based food. Certain biotech companies have been experimenting with genetically modified meat for years and are planning to sell them to conventional grocery stores near you. Unfortunately, if you live in the US, there are already certain GM animal products that are being distributed to grocery stores nationwide.

Monsanto has convinced a lot of politicians to support its products by manipulating them to think that GM food is cheaper, safer and has better yields. What Monsanto doesn’t tell us is that its GMO requires more pesticides and it’s cheaper than organic food because of government subsidies. In other words, some of the tax that the government collects from your hard earned income is being used to support Monsanto’s dark agendas. For evidence of these things, watch the following two documentaries.

Seeds of Death (Full Movie)

Here is another documentary you should watch. If you are interested in how Monsanto is lobbying politicians to support its agendas of destroying the genetic blueprint of the species on Earth, including human beings, this documentary is a must watch.

Monsanto: A Documentary on GMO (Full Documentary)


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