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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

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Consciousness Cures Everything

Team - 4:09 AM

We have come to Earth to integrate our Spirit with our Human to become the Divine Human we were intended to be. The human aspect of you is to be developed, nurtured and awakened. We do not need to leave the body or ascend from earth. Raising your consciousness through the human experience raises your frequency and thereby your spirit/soul descends into the body. Spirituality is Being Human! Resolving issues and integrating disassociated parts of you from this life or any other embodied experience fills the heart and automatically awakens the DNA, shifts your consciousness and turns on the Light Body.

Being human is actually the most sacred part of being spiritual while we are on earth. The human form is not separate of who we are, it is what we have created to have a sensory experience on earth. Human beings typically believe they are of the earth and yet how can spirit belong to anything when we are all things? Many people who try to be spiritual are actually trying to escape their human life. Why would we try to escape our human life if that’s what we came to experience? We already have perfected spirit. Some people who try to be spiritual have beautiful spiritual experiences and have an unpleasant human life. If we are trying to be somewhere we aren’t we are not being present nor in the now, and our present experience is being spirit manifested in human form. When we experience life in this way we clear the blocks to hearing our spirit more clearly and living our human life more joyfully; therefore becoming conscious cures everything.

The answer to all suffering and all disease is consciousness. It is not human consciousness that we’re speaking of; it is the consciousness of your spirit or essence. Human consciousness is limited to immediate awareness of its human experience. Spirit consciousness is conscious of all things at all levels of existence whenever it so chooses. Spirit consciousness is beyond limitations and beyond sickness and pain.

In general human beings who are on an internal growth process tend to see consciousness as something their human achieves. To begin with you must begin to see your humanness and your spirit has two separate sources in order to give you some perspective. It isn’t that they are necessarily two separate sources but this perspective allows you to separate from your limited human consciousness long enough to see a larger picture. Once having established this separate perspective you can begin to see that your human consciousness is limited to your belief systems patterned behaviors and attitudes. You can then see the possibility of spirit consciousness. Human consciousness being limited allows for the possibilities of sickness and pain.

Spirit consciousness being beyond these does not allow for these to occur unless it is something that it chooses to experience in the human form.

• To be in spirit consciousness your vibrational frequency must be elevated.
• Human consciousness carries with it a denser vibrational frequency therefore allowing the possibilities of illness and pain.
• Being in a denser vibrational frequency creates greater limitations than otherwise available in spirit consciousness.
• Internal personal growth allows for your vibrational frequencies to be elevated toward spirit consciousness.
• This then naturally eliminates illness and pain.

Changing of your vibrational frequency includes changing your belief systems, your thoughts, your attitudes and your programmed human behaviors. Many seeking consciousness neglect this aspect of raising their frequencies.

Three things you can do to raise your vibrational frequencies:

1. Find a process that is a personal fit that allows you to change your beliefs systems. Some examples are; EFT, Mastering the Art of Being Human, AFT.

2. Visualizations of bringing in higher frequencies of light and sound into your body. White light is a magnificent symbol as it encompasses all the frequencies of light and allows for your spirit to decide which ones are best for your body. Violet light is wonderful for transformation and transmuting denser energies and the old belief systems.

3. Have a relationship with someone who is on the same path as you that you can bounce your changes and ideas off of. This relationship must at its core have the agreement that you were both completely honest about everything. It also must have the understanding that neither of you are completely clear and your opinions and honesty might be a little off, but you are both doing the best that you can.

Spirit consciousness occurs when your spirit integrates with your humanness and the two become one. The old belief system thought that your humanness ascended into your spirit but that is the difference between the Piscean age and the Aquarian age. The Aquarian/New Age is the integration of your spirit with your humanity thereby ascending your vibrational frequency whereas you change from being a human being to a divine human.

Remember consciousness cures everything from illness to unhappiness.

About the Author

For more than 38 years Michael Cavallaro has shared simple, functional ways for people to change and create their own lives through conscious choice. He teaches mentors and speaks on the integration of humanity and spirituality. He facilitates couples workshops, personal development classes and individual sessions. Applying ancient wisdom to modern life, his style is practical, direct, humorous, and loving, reaching audiences of all ages on many levels. As an international speaker, he has lectured on the 55 Concepts, Mastering the Art of Being Human, the I AM process™, parenting, spirituality and the practical skills needed to enjoy life. His talks and workshops have taken him through the United States, New Zealand, England, Italy and more. Michael is the author of several books including, “The 55 Concepts—A Guide to Conscious Living.” , The 10 Commandments, A Modern Day Interpretation, Ramblings, Simple but Life Changing Ideas, and A series of books called Simple Wisdom.

Michael lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Adele and is the founder of Living Concepts, LLC. Michael works with both adults and children and is also an artist and musician. He serves as an Educational Consultant at Teamwork Wins, Ltd, a non-profit organization that guides individuals with Invisible Challenges™ in becoming self-directed, free thinking creative individuals. His specialty involves in-services and job employment skills training which includes communication, life management and personal finances.

Michael is available for speaking engagements and private consultations. For further information, free articles, audios, videos, classes and more about Mastering the Art of Being Human please visit our website at:

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