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Monday, September 2, 2013

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Stocking Your Herbal Medicine Cabinet: Top 11 Herbs and Their Uses

Team - 7:30 AM

Practicing natural health principles - such as understanding herbs and their uses, using essential oils, or eating a whole foods diet - are a great way to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

I don't need a lot of "stuff" to be happy, and I don't need a lot of remedies to be healthy.

With that mindset, I began simplifying my herbal medicine chest after noticing that I use a small percentage of my herbs most of the time, and came up with this simple herbal medicine cabinet.

My Top 11 Household Herbs and Their Uses:

1.Astragalus: This Chinese herb is a great immune system booster. Add it to soups or make a tincture.
2.Calendula: This beautiful flower is a great healer. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a great addition to ointments.
3.Comfrey: A phenomenal healing herb, comfrey is great in ointments, infusions (strong tea) and poultices. Do not eat.
4.Elder flower: Very useful as a detoxifier, relaxes bronchio spasms and promotes a feeling of well-being.
5.Garlic: Immune system-boosting and antibiotic, be sure to get plenty of this common herb in your diet.
6.Lady's mantle: This astringent herb works best on hollow organs, drawing out excess fluid and soothing inflammation.
7.Lemon balm: Its two primary functions are soothing the digestive tract and calming the nervous system.
8.Marshmallow root: Soothes, lubricates, softens and heals minor wounds.
9.Nettle: Rich in minerals, especially calcium. Great for calming muscles spasms and toning the uterus.
10.Red raspberry leaf: Full of easily assimilated minerals, it's the perfect pregnancy herb. Also soothes inflammation in the digestive tract.
11.Yarrow: Stops bleeding quickly and repels insects when steeped with lavender. Taken internally, it acts as an antibiotic.

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