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Monday, July 29, 2013

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5 Herbs and Spices that Can Cure Cancer

Team - 4:19 AM

By Matt Hall

Wouldn’t it be amazing if cancer could be cured with natural herbs and spices? Well, it turns out nature offers a potential cure again. Here’s a list of 7 herbs and spices that have anti-cancer properties and could help in the fight against cancer.

1. Basil

Primarily featured in Italian food, basil has been frequently examined to discover the secrets of its health benefits. With its antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties, there’s already plenty of reasons to love basil. However, it’s got even more goodness locked away in its leaves. New evidence suggests basil can actually decrease carcinogenesis — new tumors — and help protect against cancer.

2. Cardamom

Maybe making cardamom bread was a delightful part of your childhood, but there’s now another reason to use the cardamom herbs. Much like many different spices, cardamom has antioxidant properties. This helps to purge the body of free radicals and help prevent carcinogenesis in some lab studies.

3. Cinnamon

Yep, even something as common as everyday cinnamon can be used to reduce your risk of cancer. In several different studies, cinnamon has been shown to reduce cancer risk. This may be due to its high levels of iron and calcium. Even as little as a single half-teaspoon of cinnamon every day may be enough to take advantage of its anti-cancer properties.

4. Oregano

Another common spice, oregano is very high in antioxidant properties. This is due to its high content of flavonoids and phenolic acids that help give it its antimicrobial properties. These antimicrobial abilities help to prevent against colon cancer and restrict the growth of malignant cancer cells in the body.

5. Rosemary

A well-known spice (although one you may not normally use), rosemary is found in many mediterranean dishes and contains very, very high antioxidant properties. There is some data to support rosemary (along with other herbs) can aid in preventing oxidative stress, one of the causes of cancer. Topical use of rosemary extract may also have some anti-cancer benefits, too.

While it’s no guarantee these herbs and spices will completely cure cancer, their antioxidant properties and other unique anti-cancer properties make them important enough they should be a part of your daily diet. Start using these herbs and spices today to help prevent getting cancer.

Source: undergroundhealth

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