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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The 5 Biggest Myths Your Doctor Keeps Telling You About Joint Pain

HealthyAeon - 2:10 AM

by Prevent Disease

Many Doctors continue to misinform patients on both the causes of joint pain and treatment necessary to alleviate it. The cure to joint pain is not about popping a few pills and resting your tush in the hopes the pain will go away. This is only suppresses the symptoms of millions who are given this advice, only to later find their condition has progressed further. Here are 5 myths the medical profession is still insisting on when it comes to joint pain.

Imagine what your life would be like without joint pain. What if throbbing, aching joints never made you think twice about doing the activities you used to enjoy? Imagine being able to play 18 holes of golf effortlessly or sit through a movie without getting stiff. How about being able to get out of bed in the morning without feeling those creaks and pops, ready to take on the day?

Staying Active Is the Fountain of Youth

Here's a simple truth to remember. Nothing does more for your quality of life and longevity than staying active as you age. And what usually keeps people from staying active is some combination of believing that aches and pains are a NORMAL part of the aging process, and quite simply, bad advice from their doctors. Despite what your doctor might tell you, there's an underlying cause for joint pain that may have nothing to do with your age. (More on that later). But first, it's important to understand that the conventional approach to joint pain is basically to band-aid the issue with painkillers.

7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Ginger Tea & How To Make Ginger Tea

HealthyAeon - 2:10 AM
by Healthy Food House

Feel free to try this ginger drink that will help go through the autumn days without getting common cold or flu.

Health benefits of ginger tea:
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • Fastens recovery when sick
  • Smoothes stomach irritations
  • Has a favorable impact onthe nervoussystem
  • Stimulates intestines work, soothes flatulence
  • Stimulates circulation
  • It will warm you better than any blanket

Are you consuming the 9 most genetically modified foods?

HealthyAeon - 2:10 AM
By Amanda Froelich, True Activist
via Natural Blaze

You care about your health, and you’re also vigilant of the fact that foods that have been genetically modified have been shown to cause allergies, organ failure, and general toxicity.

Therefore it should be essential such scary franken-foods are avoided. To not only better your own health but prevent mineral-loss in soil from conventional growing methods, take care to buy the following foods organic, or avoid them altogether.

1. Soy

Many food options are supplemented with soy, but it’s one of the most common foods to be grown genetically modified. (Current statistics state 93% of soy in the US is modified). Look at the ingredient list; if your non-organic product contains: soy flour, lecithin, or soy protein isolate and concentrates (protein shakes), it’s likely been obtained from a GMO source.

Friday, September 19, 2014

10 Essential Benefits of Drinking Water, Staying Hydrated

HealthyAeon - 4:29 AM
by Christina Sarich
Natural Society

A fish without water can’t breathe, and we can’t live without water either! Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to stay healthy and maintain a proper body weight, but most of us are dehydrated without realizing it.

Without sufficient water in your body, your cells get congested, your skin can’t detox, and your bladder and kidneys won’t work properly. You’ll feel tired and eat more, too. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy.

Here’s why.

The Importance of Drinking Water, Staying Hydrated

When you feel thirsty, your body is likely already insufficiently hydrated. While you can make a habit of drinking water first thing in the morning to help stay hydrated, as many ancient medicinal arts suggest, sipping water throughout the day is also important. Remember to opt for pure, clean, filtered water whenever possible. You would be surprised to find out how disgusting tap water can be.

5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Microwave Popcorn

HealthyAeon - 4:29 AM
by Healthy Holistic Leaving

When it comes to movie nights, microwaveable popcorn seems like the way to go when it comes to picking out snacks. It makes sense, though. For the most part, there is almost no preparation involved and it only takes a short session in the microwave before it’s ready.

Did you know that roughly 17 billion quarts of popcorn are consumed by Americans every year? A large percentage of that also comes from microwaveable varieties so naturally, this offers an important question – is microwave popcorn healthy?

While popcorn on its own is relatively safe without any toxic interference, the majority of microwave brands are actually dangerous for the following reasons:

1. A Number of the Bags Are Lined with Toxic Materials

Just like the packaging for fast foods and cheap, processed goods, the inner lining of popcorn bags can contain traces of toxic materials that contaminate the popcorn as well. A primary component for many of these linings are perfluorochemicals (Also called PFCs) that have been linked to the development of different cancers and damage to the reproductive system.

Your Cells, Their Proteins and Superfoods

HealthyAeon - 4:28 AM
Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

In "She Used to Be In A Wheelchair - The TED Talk That Comes With a Warning" I showcase Dr. Terry Wahls who successfully reversed her debilitating multiple sclerosis with the application of nutrients and meditation. She talks about the importance "minding your mitochondria" and how lifestyle, diet and environment can switch genes on or off. Similarly, there are people reversing ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease using similar methods.

What's cellular protein got to do with it? A whole lot! Turns out, you can influence it with food. In order to drum up more money for research and drugs, researchers also kind of have to admit the power of food.

Credit: University of Edinburgh, via the Wellcome Trust

Below, I'd like to show two recent, similar but unrelated studies about how cells deal with protein production and disease. One of them demonstrates a type of protective protein and how nutrients from superfoods influence it to keep watch over cells.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Letting Go of the Past So You Can Be Reborn

HealthyAeon - 4:49 AM
by Jeanine Cerundolo
tiny buddha

“In the end what matters most is: How well did you live? How well did you love? How well did you learn to let go?” ~Unknown

In a matter of days, it was all gone: the role in a company I adored, the future I had imagined, and our friend Max, so loved by all who knew him.

The loss washed over me in a sudden gust. I was being called to begin again, to re-examine what I thought was important. And, in facing the feelings that arose with being stripped abruptly of these attachments, the inessential was forced to fall away, bowing to the essential.

Re-birth can sound so majestic, so beautiful. It can signify a time of starting fresh, of being conjured anew, of creating a blank page for the future. Flowers are born anew each spring, butterflies born from their cocoons.

The scent of re-birth can imply blue skies and endless vast horizons. Everything is suddenly awoken, stirring with possibility.

Clean Water For The World: Simple Solar Oven Makes Salt Water Drinkable

HealthyAeon - 4:49 AM
by Prevent Disease

“Projects ‘for the 90%’ mostly fall somewhere between two extremes: charity and business,” designer Gabriele Diamanti stated. “Neither was my inspiration!” Instead, spurred on by his own extensive travel and friends’ involvement in NGOs, he developed a fascination with global water scarcity as a graduate student at Milan Polytechnic in 2005; he recently decided to pursue his interest again and the result is Eliodomestico, an open-source variation on a solar still.

Cooking with a solar oven is probably the greenest method of preparing your food or water. It is also one of the most easily accessible forms of solar power.

A solar oven is a device that harnesses sunlight to create heat energy. It doesn’t use any fuel, and it doesn’t cost a thing to operate it. It can help slow down the deforestation and desertification caused by harvesting natural resources which are used in conventional fuel production.

In theory, no more trees would be cut to be used for making charcoal, if everyone switched to using solar ovens. And, while the use of a solar oven is not always feasible, a better understanding of their use can open up many doors and new possibilities.

Nestlé Removes GMO Ingredients from Baby Foods in South Africa, Not USA

HealthyAeon - 4:49 AM
by Christina Sarich
Natural Society

Why has Nestlé, who owns a baby-formula producing company called Gerber, removed GMOs (genetically modified organisms) from baby foods and formulas in South Africa and not in the United States? Perhaps because South African parents are more vocal than Americans. Or it might also be because corporations conducting business in the U.S. are protected by government agencies who don’t seem to give a hoot about public health – not even of our most fragile citizens. Maybe it’s time we speak out for the sake of children’s health.

Nestlé has gone on record stating:

“. . . it took consumer preferences into consideration and therefore all its infant cereals in South Africa used non-GM maize,” according to GMWatch.

Last year, the African Center for Biosafety (ACB) found that Nestle’s Cerelac Honey contained 77.65% GM Maize. The same group also conducted independent and accredited lab tests on 7 baby formulas and cereals, finding that ‘Purity’ brands contained extremely high levels of GMOs. It seems they are anything but ‘pure.’

Untested GMO bananas to move directly to human experimentation

HealthyAeon - 4:49 AM
by Jonathan Benson

Human trials with a new genetically modified (GM) banana with artificial levels of the vitamin A precursor beta-carotene are set to begin this fall without prior animal testing. Researchers plan to feed the "frankenfruit" to college students attending Iowa State University (ISU), though details outlining how the study will be conducted and whether or not students will know what they are eating have been limited.

The Des Moines Register (DMR) reports that 12 female students out of 500 who responded to a call for volunteers will be selected in the next few months to eat the GM banana for four days during three separate study periods. Each participant will receive $900 in compensation for her participation, the outcome of which is entirely unknown, as the GM banana in question has never before been tested on a living organism, let alone a human being.

A project of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the GM banana is intended for cultivation and use in poor African countries, where vitamin A deficiency is widespread. Like the infamous GM "Golden Rice," which has failed in every trial thus far conducted, the novel GM banana is being offered up as the solution to vitamin A deficiency, even though there are plenty of other natural fruits and vegetables like mangoes and sweet potatoes that already contain high levels of beta-carotene.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

5 Natural Treatments For Mental Health

Team - 6:14 AM
by Jeffrey Green
Natural Blaze

Natural treatments for mental health are becoming more and more popular. If you’ve ever seen the drawn-out health warnings at the end of a US television commercial for any type of drug, you’ll easily understand why.

A concerted effort to avoid strong medication and their awful side effects is always an effort worth making. Especially if the strong medication comes with the possibility of improving your symptoms but creating an addiction to a synthetic drug.

Good mental health means you have the ability to continually learn new information and master new skills. A healthy mind gives you the opportunity to form great relationships with others and maintain those relationships over time.

When your mind is healthy you can express your feelings adequately and also deal with both positive and negative emotions in your day-to-day life. And, finally, good mental health allows you to cope and adapt when situations change.

Why Cannabis Is the Future of Medicine

Team - 6:14 AM
by Sayer Ji

The future of medicine rests on the the fundamental right we all have to use things that spring from the Earth naturally as healing agents. Why should cannabis, used for at least 10000 years by humankind to alleviate suffering, be excluded from this inexorable mandate?

The politics of cannabis are exceedingly complex, and yet the truth is simple: this freely growing plant heals the human body – not to mention provides food, fuel, clothing and shelter, if only we will let it perform its birthright. In a previous article, we investigated the strange fact that the human body is in many ways pre-designed, or as it were, pre-loaded with a receptiveness to cannabis' active compounds -- cannabinoids -- thanks to its well documented endocannabinoid system.

But the medical-industrial complex in the U.S. does not want you to use these freely growing compounds. They threaten its very business model and existence. Which is why it synergizes so naturally with the burgeoning privatized prison sector, which now has the dubious title of having the highest incarceration rate in the world. The statistics don't lie:

"far surpassing any other nation. For every 100,000 Americans, 743 citizens sit behind bars. Presently, the prison population in America consists of more than six million people, a number exceeding the amount of prisoners held in the gulags of the former Soviet Union at any point in its history."

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Want to Quit Smoking or Chewing Tobacco? Chew Hemp Instead!

HealthyAeon - 3:52 AM
by The Alternative Daily

We all know about the dangers of cigarette smoking; it’s one of the worst things that you can do to your body.

But the fact is, one in five Americans still smoke despite of this, and it’s responsible for nearly half a million deaths, as well as roughly 41,000 deaths that result from secondhand smoke exposure, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The CDC also labels cigarette smoking as the “single largest cause of preventable death,” with approximately one-third of deaths from heart disease and cancer in the US attributed to smoking, as well as between 80 and 90 percent of lung cancer deaths. Smoking is also linked to a host of chronic illness that can significantly reduce the quality of life, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and macular degeneration.

Chewing tobacco may not be much better than smoking it, either. If you chew tobacco, you increase your risk of developing a number of cancers, like esophageal cancer and various types of oral cancer, including cancers of your mouth, throat, cheek, gums, lips and tongue. You’ll also have an increased risk of suffering from pancreatic cancer and kidney cancer, as well as gum disease, cavities and heart disease.

Why Sugar Is The New Fat + 10 Ways To Break Your Addiction

HealthyAeon - 3:52 AM
by Dr. Mark Hyman
Mind Body Green

The statistics are sobering. The average American consumes about 152 pounds of sugar a year, or about 22 teaspoons a day. If you have kids, they probably consume even more: about 34 teaspoons every day, much of it added sugar as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), making nearly one in four teenagers pre-diabetic or diabetic.

All carbohydrates break down into sugar in your body, and flour (yes, even “healthy” wheat flour) creates the same metabolic havoc as table sugar. We eat about 146 pounds of flour a year. Altogether, then, the average American eats about a pound of sugar from added sweeteners and flour every day.

For decades, we blamed fat for making us fat. It sounds so simple, right? Just cut out the fat and you’ll get lean. Except while manufacturers touted their “healthy” fat-free and low-fat Frankenfoods, added sugar was slipping in through the back door, and the consequences have wreaked havoc on our health and our waistlines.

The consequences are depicted in a new documentary, Fed Up, which follows a group of families battling to lead healthier lives — and reveals why the conventional wisdom of “exercise and eat right” is not ringing true for millions of people struggling with diabetes, childhood obesity and other serious conditions.

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